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When is the best time to get married in Dubai?

October through till April is the high season for weddings. The summer can be very hot and reach temperatures of 50 degrees so best to avoid the months of June – September. You may experience sandstorms in January and February and rain can sometimes be forecast from December mind you this is a rare occasion and getting married in Dubai is likely to be a warm affair!

Are there months to avoid getting married in Dubai?

It is wise to check the calendar for when Ramadan will fall and any Islamic holidays. During these times venues are not allowed to serve alcohol and no live music will be permitted.

What are the legalities of getting married in Dubai?

If you want to marry in Dubai and are Christian or Catholic this must be done in a church christchurchjebelali.com or www.saintmarysdubai.com a suggestion if you do not want a church wedding is to marry in Cyprus (a package can be organized from Dubai, please email me for more details) and have a blessing in Dubai. Muslim marriages can be arranged through the Dubai Courts.

Is it expensive to get married in Dubai? It doesn't have to be.

This is where it becomes apparent to hire a Wedding Planner that will know the budget venues and arrange negotiated rates with local suppliers. One element that can be expensive is alcohol so a suggestion is to book a package where you will be given unlimited beverages for a certain amount of hours.

What if I want to be involved in the wedding planning but still want a Wedding Planner?

THE PERFECT MOMENT offers a bespoke full wedding planning services but you can be as involved as you want to be. If you would like to fully plan the wedding but your concern is the day of the wedding there is an 'on the day' Wedding Planner package that may be more suitable to you and a package can be designed to suit your needs.

How can I be thrifty with my wedding planning?

There are several places to buy low cost wedding items such as satwa and www.dragonmart.ae Maybe you can make your own wedding favours or ask musical family members or friends to perform at the reception, this will avoid hiring a band and adds the personal touch to your special day.

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